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What is SeekersTM?

The first PvE multiplayer augmented reality game built with NFTs!

A powerful relic from beyond the portalA powerful relic from beyond the portal

Seekers is an AR world that overlays our own world. You will hunt for hidden relics, join your guild in battle, combat otherworldly foes in familiar places, and unlock the mysteries that lay beyond the portal.

Founder and Relic NFTs will be utilized by players as in-game equipment and earned through battles, minting, airdrops, exploration, and trade.

Genesis Series: Founder NFT

Become a Founder by minting the genesis series to obtain an exclusive, powerful Founder NFT (only 7,537 available!)

Founder NFT holders can earn tokens, reap in-game advantages, and will have early access to upcoming NFT Series mints, as well as other yet-to-be-revealed benefits! More details below.

You need MetaMask to access this content.

Amazing treasures, weapons, and curios are waiting to be discovered by Seekers who dare to explore the uncharted wildsAmazing treasures, weapons, and curios are waiting to be discovered by Seekers who dare to explore the uncharted wilds

AR Gaming Built on is a web-based app (launched in 2021) that allows you to share your location with friends and find places via augmented reality navigation. Think Pokémon Go but with real-world utility, and no app downloads or account signup required!

Seekers will be a layer built on top of the existing Yondar platform, allowing users to toggle between Yondar wayfinding and Seekers gaming.

Get rewarded for exploring your world!

Seekers and Yondar are brought to you by InnovatAR, an emerging tech studio focused on combining the best of our digital and real worlds. Our vision for the metaverse is one that uses augmented reality, gamification and NFTs to encourage exploration, real social interaction, and meaningful experiences that positively impact our communities.

We call it the Betterverse.

So, step outside. Let's explore!


The portals opened everywhere with an earth-shattering noise. Flashes of electricity danced through the atmosphere and crawled across the ground. Everyone remembers that day. It was when the Relics appeared on Earth.

The Relics were objects of great riches and power from another world. When grasped, they revealed a vision of another world like ours, except this world was abandoned and quiet.

This new world was both pristine and ragged with the passage of eons. Familiar, and yet mysterious. Incredible superstructures, crafted with otherworldly materials and intertwined with overgrowth, stood as testaments to a people who had long since vanished. Yet, more Relics lay scattered across its landscape like clues waiting to be revealed.

Those on Earth who first harnessed the power of the Relics, the Founders, created the portal technology that allowed anyone to pass between the two worlds freely. Earth-dwellers, intrigued by the allure of this fresh new planet, left in droves to uncover its secrets, riches, and wonders. These brave souls were called Seekers. As Seekers uncovered more Relics, more was learned about the people who had abandoned their world to time.

Perhaps the Relics' arrival on Earth was not an accident. Were they a message? A warning? A trap? Or maybe an invitation. The answer awaits in the journey you will undertake, Seeker.

Construct in a mushroom garden

Founder Genesis NFT

Ethereum ERC721. Capped forever at 7,537 Founders.

Founder's guild logo

Join the exclusive Founder Guild for in-game boosts and IRL benefits

Seeker token

Passively earn Seekers game tokens that can be spent on powerful upgrades or traded for rare items

Private community

Access to private Discord channel community

A Beacon

Receive a free-for-life customizable Yondar beacon that you can place on the world map ($750/year value)

Battle specialties

Unlock all 3 battle specialties and play your favorite for ultimate versatility


Automatic VIP List status on future mints + discounts


Relic NFT airdrops and free physical collectible claims

Founder emblem

Exclusive items: in-game avatar emblem, IRL goods, collabs, and more!


Founder NFT Mint on Ethereum

Become a Founder in the Seekers metaverse!

May 12, 2022

Seekers official Discord opens.


Milestone 1500 VIP Tier 1 seats open, which include:
  • Early pre-mint access
  • Guaranteed gas-war-free mint during VIP Tier 1 early access
  • 7 mint limit (upgraded from 3)
  • Exclusive Visionary Discord role
VIP Tier 1 will be announced early in Discord.
Milestone 2When VIP Tier 1 is filled, we will release new concept art and new lore!
Milestone 31,000 VIP Tier 2 seats open, which include:
  • Early pre-mint access
  • Guaranteed opportunity to mint during VIP Tier 2 early access, but no guaranteed mint like Tier 1
  • 5 mint limit (upgraded from 3)
  • Exclusive Architect Discord role
VIP Tier 2 will be announced early in Discord.
Milestone 4When VIP Tier 2 is filled, we will release the Founder NFT art!


Milestone 52,500 VIP Tier 3 seats open, which include:
  • Early pre-mint access
  • Nothing guaranteed!
  • 3 mint limit
VIP Tier 3 will be announced early in Discord.
Day Zero Free MintNobody saw it coming.
Milestone 6Founder NFT mint price and date revealed.
⭐ VIP Tier 1 MintVIP Tier 1 gets 24 hours to mint their Founder NFTs.

Private Founder Discord channel opens.
  • be part of the exclusive Founder community for life!
  • gameplay and development sneak-peeks
  • community feedback and voting
⭐ VIP Tier 2 MintVIP Tier 2 gets 24 hours to mint their Founder NFTs.
⭐ VIP Tier 3 MintVIP Tier 3 gets 24 hours to mint their Founder NFTs.
Public MintPublic mint opens! Public mint maximum is 3 Founder NFTs per person. Open until full supply is minted.

Merch ClaimFounders only 2 week claim period for physical merch

Founder SnapshotFounder holder snapshot for free Yondar beacon

Gear UP


  • Seeker Mode launch in Yondar
  • Show off your Founder swag!
  • Flow wallet account login
  • Founders claim Flow item airdrops on this website using Metamask
  • Seeker NFT inventory
  • Customize your avatar
  • Equipment management
Roadmap UpdateThe next major development roadmap will be revealed!


Zander - CEO






Brand UI UX


World Designer